About Me

Originally from Washington, DC, I moved to Italy in 2006 and began working as a study abroad professor: I’ve taught for the Lorenzo de’Medici Institute-Marist College, SUNY-Fashion Institute of Technology, CAPA International Education, CEA Study Abroad, and Elon College, as well as numerous faculty-led and custom programs serving students and faculty from UC-Davis, Purdue, Minnesota, Michigan, Washington State, and many others. In 2012 I began a two year term as the Academic Dean in Florence for CEA Study Abroad, and in 2017 I established the Florence Ethnographic Field School, an independent study abroad program with the University of Montana serving as the School of Record.

I started my program in Italy the year after the GDPR was passed, and when it went it into effect the following year, I was ready to demonstrate my program’s compliance. Colleagues began consulting me informally about how the GDPR applies to their activities and what they should be doing about it, and when the pandemic halted study abroad arrivals to Italy, I made the decision to shift my focus entirely to supporting US based institutions with GDPR compliance.

I currently divide my time between the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, DC and the Monticelli neighborhood of Florence, Italy. In addition to my data compliance work, I enjoy playing music and going to concerts, making jewelry, and watching Gran Prix motorcycle races (58 sempre nel cuore!).

You can find me on LinkedIn by clicking here. I used to have a blog, but it never amounted to much. I think I might have signed up for Twitter at some point.