Do you need help with the GDPR?

Europe’s new privacy law introduced unprecedented new restrictions and requirements for US institutions that send students or faculty to Europe, or host visiting students or faculty from Europe. If you’re still not sure how this affects you, or what you’re supposed to be doing about it, don’t worry…I can help!

From the onsite perspective in Italy, study abroad is not the same as it was before the pandemic: more students are arriving than ever before, new programs have entered the arena, and innovative new approaches to internationalizing higher education are breaking out all over.

I specialize in helping US higher education organizations develop solutions for complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, Europe’s stringent new personal data privacy protection law. In addition to my professional credentials, I have extensive experience working onsite with US university programs in Europe.

What sets me apart?

* I am an independent consultant rather than a large firm. The big shops advertise GDPR support to every kind of organization under the sun, including higher education. I offer a different kind of value precisely because I am a small, independent operation with an exclusive focus on international higher education. My expertise is based on my practical experience, in addition to comprehensive knowledge of the law.

* I specialize exclusively in supporting US based higher education. I spent over fifteen years in Italy, working onsite as a professor and administrator for US study abroad programs before I became certified as a GDPR professional. Expertise in the GDPR alone is not sufficient to understand how it applies to the complex institutional relationships involved in study abroad: between directly operated programs, local partnerships, third party providers, schools of record, and international vendors for housing, insurance, and travel, a student’s personal data can travel even further than they do! Untangling responsibility for how that data is handled requires a thorough operational knowledge of international education, and I developed mine by working onsite as a professor and administrator for over fifteen years. I don’t know of any other Certified GDPR consultant who can make this claim.

* I am a Certified International Privacy Professional/Europe, so I am qualified to identify the ways in which US organizations are subject to the GDPR, and to assist them in developing and implementing compliance solutions.

* I am a Certified Data Management Professional, so I understand the data handling requirements of large-scale organizations like universities, and the industry standard data practices in the US.

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